The Uncyclopedia Hillbillies

From Tyler Zahnke

"The Uncyclopedia Hillbillies" is the name of my twenty-second comedy bit. It was written in August of 2011. It is a parody of the theme song for The Beverly Hillbillies. This parody is about, a humorous parody of the popular website Wikipedia. This song is is written in the point of view of an Uncyclopedia admin, saying that Uncyclopedia is better than any of the other humor sites/wikis out there, but also reminds the listener that there are other humor sites/wikis online.


Come and listen to my story 'bout a humor website. Its name's Uncyclopedia, the users like to write. And every single day they have new content. And sometimes they will have a policy amendment. Uncyclopedia, that is! Sign up for free today, and laugh your head off! Well, the first thing you know, they've got Rob Judkins, Who edits for the site to join the other admins. And then one day the system admins said, "We're better than Dramatica, so let's all move ahead!" You better believe it! We are the best humor wiki ever. Be glad that Dramatica's gone. Well, next time you have a chance to go online, Check out Uncyclopedia, for it is very fine. Remember there are other humor websites for free, Like Lolcat Bible, Amiright, and Wikiality. That's right, boys! Parody and satire is our life.


This song is available as part of the Digital Demo Tape, or, as the sidegeeks call it, the digitape. Take a listen!

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